Can I bring my pet?

Currently, pets are not allowed on campus. You are welcome to bring a photo of your furry friend forcomfort if you’d like!

How will I plan for what’s next after I complete residential?

As you or your loved one progress through the recovery process and nears the end of treatment, theJNC has a dedicated Discharge Case Manager that will begin working with you in week 2 to make surethere is a solid plan in place by the time the residential program is completed. The Discharge CaseManager will help […]

Will my family be involved in my treatment?

Yes. We welcome family members as an integral part of the recovery process. We have a specific daythat every client will be involved in that is dedicated to the client’s family and/or healthy supports. Thisday is filled with education, communication exercises and healing of the family.

I take prescription medications, can I have them while in the program?

The Jackie Nitschke Center has a list of medications that have been approved by a medical directoroverseeing our facility. During your pre-admission screening, our Admissions Coordinator will determineif your medications are allowed to be consumed while in the program. Prescription and over-the-counter medications must be ordered by a physician and are securely stored and will […]

Am I allowed to smoke cigarettes?

Yes! Currently, cigarettes and chewing tobacco are allowed. These items must be sealed uponadmission. Vapes or e-cigarettes are prohibited.

Can I have my cellphone or laptop?

Electronic devices are not allowed to be brought into the residential treatment program. There arefacility phones provided to you to call your loved ones daily. Click here to see our packing list for moreinformation.