Family Education

Family education is a vital component of our AODA clinic’s approach. We provide families with knowledge and support to understand addiction, enhance their loved ones’ treatment experience, and contribute to lasting recovery.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a chronic disease that affects the brain, leading to compulsive substance use despite negative consequences. At our AODA clinic, we recognize its multifaceted nature, involving physical, psychological, and social aspects. Our holistic approach addresses both immediate dependence and underlying causes, providing tailored treatment for each individual’s recovery journey.


Addiction takes a toll not only on individuals but also on their families and friends. It can strain relationships, create emotional turmoil, and lead to codependency. At our AODA clinic, we provide counseling and support to help both individuals in treatment and their loved ones cope, heal, and recover together.



At our AODA clinic, we emphasize the significance of setting and maintaining healthy boundaries as an essential skill for addiction recovery. Through counseling and therapy, we equip clients to protect their sobriety, prioritize self-care, and forge healthier relationships, fostering lasting well-being.



Yes! Currently, cigarettes and chewing tobacco are allowed. These items must be sealed upon
admission. Vapes or e-cigarettes are prohibited.

Yes, all clinical staff are licensed through the State of Wisconsin. We have a multi-disciplinary staff
comprised of Master’s level clinicians, AODA licensed clinicians and Licensed Professional Counselors.

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Currently, pets are not allowed on campus. You are welcome to bring a photo of your furry friend for
comfort if you’d like!

Once you have been admitted into the 28-day residential treatment program, you will not leave the
facility unless it is part of programming.

Electronic devices are not allowed to be brought into the residential treatment program. There are
facility phones provided to you to call your loved ones daily. Click here to see our packing list for more

Each year, The Jackie Nitschke Center’s AODA treatment in Green Bay WI helps over 250 people break free from addiction.

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