I take prescription medications, can I have them while in the program?

The Jackie Nitschke Center has a list of medications that have been approved by a medical directoroverseeing our facility. During your pre-admission screening, our Admissions Coordinator will determineif your medications are allowed to be consumed while in the program. Prescription and over-the-counter medications must be ordered by a physician and are securely stored and will […]

Are your staff members licensed?

Yes, all clinical staff are licensed through the State of Wisconsin. We have a multi-disciplinary staffcomprised of Master’s level clinicians, AODA licensed clinicians and Licensed Professional Counselors.

Can my addiction be cured?

There is no cure for addiction. However, living a life without the use of substances is achievable and maintainable in the long term. In fact, recovery from substance use is an ongoing, lifelong process. Our goal at the JNC is to help our clients develop skills and provide them with the tools to manage their […]